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Advanced IT products

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When you need to protect and have a deep clear look into your most valuable asset; the data.

Zero "ramp-up" products for work needed NOW.

Solutions that help us make you excel!

Not only to we have a top-tier cadre of IT professionals, we have exclusive access to some of the most innovative IT solutions available today.

TekMasters has unique MFA solutions to protect your network and the most important asset that operates within it: data. We also have access to unique database management solutions that allow our experts to connect, normalize, analyze, and leverage data under your control in ways that no other tool will let you do.

Our goal is your mission's success. We are ready to go. Are you?


Here are some solutions for you to consider:

About TekMasters

Data connections and manipulation.

Unbreakable MFA via behavioral biometrics




Creates a unitary pool of global data that can be easily searched, analyzed and presented without having to wait for ETL and other traditional methods of data aggregation to be implemented.

enCapsa separates the data from it’s classical “row/column” structure and attaches pointers to each original data element creating a “digital stem cell” (DSC).

This creates a uniform set of data from disparate sources. What's best, By changing and normalizing the data schema using DSC’s, enCapsa helps to hide the data from hackers and make it faster to process via BI.

Why wait to implement an ETL tool, when you can have access the access you need now!

  1. Connect and analyze disparate data sources immediately, completely eliminating the ETL process until, and if it is needed.

  2. Normalize disparate data sources into a unified data lake, and make it nearly impossible for hackers and enemies to use the data.

  3. Reduce by 8X storage and compute processing power bills for data in the enCapsa data lake.

Single action MFA solution that creates credentials that can’t be shared, stolen, or replicated by BOTS.

With no training or hardware needed, all users are permanently linked to all actions taken in the LAN.

It analyzes the behavioral patterns and state of mind of the user as they use their finger, mouse or stylus to “draw” their password.
Using ML, it accounts for variations over time to provide in excess of 1 trillion to 1 odds of being defeated

  1. Prevents impostors from authenticating using stolen or shared credentials; perfectly attributing digital actions to users.

  2. Protects the identity of the user, making every digital transaction “blind” to PII and other secure data.

  3. Determines the will or capacity to perform functions, by linking to user’s state of mind.

  4. Deploys without need for hardware or complex training.

Our cadre can support your mission today.

Cleared Employees

College Educated



We've earned their trust.

Since our inception, we have been standing the watch with the IC, Federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense.

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