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Data Forensics

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When you need a clear and deep look into your most valuable asset; the data.

Zero "ramp-up" solutions when you need them.


Forward thinking database management and business intelligence solutions do far more than simply look backward and report historical data. They must have the insight and dexterity to understand past data, analyze the current market trends, and also project future results.

TekMasters offers a full range of database engineering and data interoperability services to help our customers manage and optimize their intelligence assets, making it readily available to decision makers. TekMasters has professionals well versed in the major relational databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, Informix, DB2, MySQL, and NoSQL as well as associated Enterprise Relationship Management applications.

TekMasters will provide you with the skills, knowledge, and experience to make an informed decision of building, buying or outsourcing. We provide you with an in depth knowledge of the pros and cons of various “off the shelf” products as well as an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of database appliances.


  • Database administration

  • Database development

  • Database migration

  • Database performance tuning

  • System architecture, design and review

  • Physical database design

  • Logical data modeling

  • High availability planning

  • Database replication and auditing

  • Installation and update

  • Backup and recovery

  • Data warehousing

About TekMasters

Our cadre can support your mission today.

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We've earned their trust.

Since our inception, we have been standing the watch with the IC, Federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense.

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