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App Development

When you need a custom coded solution to work in your mission environment.

Zero "ramp-up" solutions when you need them.


TekMasters provides a full suite of application development services. Leveraging the strengths of yesterday’s and today’s technologies with the innovations of tomorrow, we deliver applications such as standalone server, web to mobile, and everything in between.


Our applications help our customers enhance and improve their business operations by making their services available when and where they are most needed.

Our technical staff will gather requirements, design, plan, staff, and deliver custom software using proven industry methodologies and best practices. Our team has experience in all types and sizes of software development projects including J2EE architecture, .NET Framework, Mobile, Web, and Client/Server.


  • .NET (ASP/VB/C#):

  • C/C++: fast server daemons, drivers

  • ColdFusion: Legacy and government systems

  • Java (J2EE/J2ME):

  • Perl: PHP, flexible parsers and writers

  • Python: System automation

  • Ruby: Rails, gems, automation scripts

  • Ops: Platform as a Service (PaaS), installation, updates, back up and recovery, automation

About TekMasters

Our cadre can support your mission today.

Cleared Employees

College Educated



We've earned their trust.

Since our inception, we have been standing the watch with the IC, Federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense.

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