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We solve the toughest cyber missions.

Even those that require "coloring outside the lines".

Rest easy. A "zero failure" cleared IT cadre is on watch.

Capabilities-Based Classified IT Mission Support

We are an IT cadre for the IC.

TekMasters is a “zero failure” mission driven IT SME cadre. We invest in the retention and technical proficiency of a broad, experienced, and cleared professional bench. We consistently solve our customers' most challenging, specialized problems, proving concepts that are too difficult or too intimidating for others to even try.


We do this knowing the mission, technology, and enemy we fight.


Empowering your SMEs with the specific skills needed to improve your business’ performance and mission execution.

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Our cleared IT cadre and project managers deliver results and eliminate administrivia so you can focus on your mission.

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Make informed decisions with deep data forensic analysis performed by SMEs who have “done the job” before.

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We develop and implement custom web applications, specifically created to support your most challenging requirements.

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SME Bench

A deep and broad bench of SMEs, proficient and current on AWS, AZURE and other critical environments is at your command.

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IT Systems

We provide rapid IT triage, prototyping, and implementation of advanced and cyber-secure IT networks.

Focused on your mission success.

Cleared Body Shops
  • LCAT body shop

  • Revolving talent door

  • Task order oriented

  • T&M incrementals

  • Overage drive

  • Plays in defined box

  • Cadre of experts

  • Long-lived teams

  • Mission oriented

  • T&M or FFP

  • Works the whole problem

  • Zero failure guarantee

We are not another body shop working the beltway. We are not about "headcount and LCATs".

We are a highly skilled extension of your team with resources that are laser focused on achieving your goals.

Whatever it takes. No excuses. Just the results you need, when you need them, and within your program’s budget.

A superbly qualified and experienced cadre.

We employ and retain an expert team with both academic and real world experience. Our diverse workforce reinforces their earned experience with continued training and qualifications programs designed to motivate, retain, and employ a highly qualified and culturally aligned group of professionals.

Cleared Employees

College Educated



Always working for your team.

These projects and case studies illustrate how our team, working in coordination with your team, can solve the most challenging missions, and deliver successful results.

TekMasters values fearless performance.

Commitment. Readiness. Camaraderie. Professionalism.

We are committed to every mission and understand it because we’ve done the work. We believe in the power of a team that is well trained, fully integrated, and unafraid to act swiftly.

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Our Mission

We execute to success the toughest and most challenging IT missions of the IC.

Our Vision

To be the Tier 1 “go-to” IT cadre for the IC, by sustaining a foundry of SMEs that consistently and effectively resolve the missions and challenges that are too complex or too difficult for others.

We've earned their trust.

Since our inception, we have been standing the watch with the IC, Federal law enforcement agencies, and the Department of Defense.

TekMasters in the News ...

This is a curated collection of articles and blogs relevant to our ecosystem. Sometimes we are in the news, sometimes we make the news; but we're always moving each mission forward to its successful completion.

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