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TekMasters gets exclusive advanced behavioral biometrics for MFA.

Collaborates with Biometric Signature ID (BSI) to provide advanced cyber security to the IC.


TekMasters; a capabilities-based information technology (IT) cadre for the intelligence community (IC), has secured an exclusive agreement with Biometric Signature ID (BSI) to provide its advanced multifactor authentication (MFA) behavioral biometrics technology to the IC.

Under the agreement TekMasters will act as a value-added re-seller of BSI’s BioSig-ID, BioSight-ID and BioName-ID products. Powered by patented technology, BSI products can identify users with accuracy that exceeds 192 billion to 1 odds. The technology operates without the needs of special software, hardware; transmits no personal identification information (PII). The technology is unique in fulfilling MFA requirements in one single action; and linking the authentication to the user’s positive state of mind.

“Having access to BSI’s technology and products aligns 100% with our mission to solve the IC’s most challenging cyber missions,” said Ramzy Megally, President and CEO of TekMasters. “Whether it is a training exercise, an AWS/Azure deployment, or the custom development of an application for a customer’s mission, BSI’s advanced behavioral biometrics will protect operators’ identities and the IC’s most sensitive information in ways only this technology can. Our support and BSI’s technology will provide the most robust cyber defense against identity thieves, hackers, and BOTS.”

“Our MFA credentials can’t be shared or stolen, and we have hundreds of millions of authentications to prove it,” said Jeff Maynard; president and CEO of Biometric Signature ID. “Our technology is used in many industries, including key prime national defense contractors. Our partnership with TekMasters will help us support those customers in need of the highest cybersecurity to protect our vital national interests.”

About TekMasters

TekMasters provides IT, technology, and cyber security solutions to solve some of the most daunting challenges for the US intelligence community and the Department of Defense. TekMasters employs a highly trained cadre of subject matter experts who maintain the necessary certifications, clearances, and credentials to work in this highly technical and confidential environment. Founded in 2002, TekMasters is a privately held, US owned and operated company headquartered in metro Washington DC.

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About BSI

JC Lads (DBA) Biometric Signature ID (BSI) is a behavioral biometrics as a service cybersecurity company. BSI provides advanced MFA credentials that can’t be stolen by hackers or shared, and are linked to the user’s presence of mind. BSI technology is powered by 2 patents with 44 claims and has over 100 million uses worldwide. Founded in 2007, BSI is privately owned and is a Small Business Delaware “C” corporation headquartered in Lewisville, TX.

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