TekMasters provides a full range of Infrastructure and Network services and capabilities.  We offer full life cycle support from requirements, to design, capacity planning, implementation, and operation.  Our employees focus on and are fully versed in all standards compliant technologies to meet your specific project requirements.  

TekMasters specializes in leveraging existing infrastructure and incorporating new systems to expand capacity, resiliency, capabilities, and maximize security.  We have years of experience converging data and voice networks and in migrating legacy systems into modern architectures.

  • Voice
  • Storage
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Architecture & Design
  • Intrusion Prevention & Detection
  • Analysis & Compliance (C&A)
  • High Availability Planning
  • Security and Patch Management
  • Back Up and Recovery
  • Log Generation and Analysis

Team Highlights:
  • TekMasters staff averages 14 years of Network Infrastructure experience
  • The majority of our staff hold active government security clearances.
  • Our professionals are extremely well versed in Proposal as well as Technical aspects of Government and Private Sector contracts
Project Highlights:
  • TekMasters designed and implemented a custom CCTV video storage system to save video recordings for dozens of geographically dispersed locations. The system allows for the archival, searching, and retrieval of hundreds of video streams and provides centralized storage that is replicated across multiple data centers.
  • TekMasters engineered an in-house replacement for a hosted Voice IVR system saving the client over $3,000,000.  Customer’s way of paying per minute for hosted IVR, and the in-house IVR was designed to carry the same number of channels with no per-minute fees. By bringing the IVR system in-house, this also allowed for greater customization and the added redundancy of multiple data centers.
  • TekMasters created a converged network to link together office locations across dozens of international boundaries. We designed security segregation points customized to the varying laws and regulations of various multiple international boundaries. This network is designed to provide reliable access to centralized Data, Voice, and Application services.

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