TekMasters provides a full suite of development services. Leveraging the strengths of yesterday’s and today’s technologies with the innovations of tomorrow, we deliver applications such as standalone server, web to mobile, and everything in between. Our applications help our customers enhance and improve their business operations by making their services available when and where they are most needed.

Our technical staff will gather requirements, design, plan, staff, and deliver custom software using proven industry methodologies and best practices. Our team has experience in all types and sizes of software development projects including J2EE architecture, .NET Framework, Mobile, Web, and Client/Server.

  • .NET (ASP/VB/C#):
  • C/C++: fast server daemons, drivers
  • ColdFusion: Legacy and government systems
  • Java (J2EE/J2ME):
  • Perl: PHP, flexible parsers and writers
  • Python: System automation
  • Ruby: Rails, gems, automation scripts
  • Ops: Platform as a Service (PaaS), installation, updates, back up and recovery, automation

Team Highlights:
  • TekMasters senior staff averages 15 years of development experience
  • Our core team has designed and delivered cradle to grave systems, from business needs analysis to project closure using PMI standard practices
  • Team members possess experience and capabilities across multiple government agencies and their respective verticals
Select Project Highlights:
  • TekMasters designed a cooperative set of Systems using Ruby on Rails and Java for the Department of State. The current infant legacy system required an automated build, maintenance, delivery, testing, logging, and reporting to carefully update and upgrade to a unified system interface.
  • TekMasters also solely wrote and coded mission critical tasks, such as near real time security system monitoring, record auditing and reporting,as well as foreign partner financial system interfaces. Coincidentally as large as the backend, the multiple systems were unified by a small number of usable and branded web interfaces, both end-user and customer facing.

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